Queen Victoria Hospital


Referral guidance for clinicians

The QVH referral guide provides reference information to help GPs and other clinicians refer patients to one of our core specialities. In it you can search for specialist consultants, find out their contact details and where their clinics are held across the region. You will also find a series of direct links to more detailed information available on this website.

This guide is updated at least once every six months and circulated by email to GP practices across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The latest version is always available from the homepage of this website.

To make a referral

Email: tqv-tr.referrals@nhs.net 

Additional guidance, forms and updates

Burns and plastics rehabilitation referral form (Dec 2013)

Hand therapy referral form

Dietetics referral criteria (Mar 2013)

Dietetics referral form (Mar 2013)

Dietetics: Weight & Shape Plan self referral form (Mar 2013)

Sleep centre referrals (Mar 2013)
Sleep referral proforma (Nov 2011)
Includes details of the conditions treated by the sleep centre, eligibility criteria, useful tools to aid diagnosis and a referral proforma for sleep obstructed apnoea.

Breast reduction criteria (Nov 2011)
Clarification of the eligibility criteria for breast reduction referrals from the Kent, Surrey and Sussex PCT clusters.

Hand procedure costs (Sept 2011)
Confirmation that costs for hand procedures at QVH are the same as at neighbouring trusts.